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ACME Fish Creative Boutique

504 W. 9th Street, Houston, TX 77007
Founded in 2009
For over 33 years, Lou Congelio has written and produced advertising for some of the most well-known brands in America and those who wanna be.

In 2011, Lou opened Acme Fish, a creative boutique, to work more closely with those wanna-bes.

The name, ACME Fish, is notable for two reasons:

First, it gives you an idea of how Lou thinks. It's unexpected. Creative. Yet relevant. Relevant in that it says, "I'm different."

Second, it's strange. Scary. Exciting. It makes you want to learn more about the brand. Makes you curious. Curious enough to read this copy.
To find out more. To act upon your feelings.

And that is exactly the way Lou approaches advertising. WHAT YOU'LL FIND:

We will not bore you to death with stupid, insipid ads nor will we create the same pile of crap that your competitor produces.

What we will do is position your company, your brand, in a way that gives it the best chance to succeed. No matter what it takes including more than a little bit of trust from you, the client.WHAT WE WILL DO:

We will differentiate your company from your competitors in a meaningful, unexpected but relevant way. That's not easy. Not at all.

If it was, everybody would be doing it. We're very good at figuring out what makes you unique. We're passionate. Different.

And, definitely, not for everyone.

But, then, you knew that as soon as you read our name.

“They’re slow, but expensive.” - Mickey Rosemarin, Tootsies
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