How Can You Tell if Your Sewer Line is Broken?

Most sewer lines in the US are made of cast iron pipes.

These pipes typically have 50 to 70-year lifespans. But, they can degrade quickly if there are too many corrosive minerals in the water they store & transport.

Other factors like maintenance, improper use (e.g., clogging), and the type of soil surrounding them also impact their lifespans. Tree root intrusions may also cause the sewer lines on your property to pick up cracks.

As you can see – your sanitary sewer lines have to deal with countless threats. Homeowners typically team up with professional water damage contractors to address these risks and extend their sewer lines’ lifespans.

This form of proactive maintenance and repair is the best way to boost the lifespans of cast-iron sewer line systems.

But, like everything in life, your sewer lines are also bound to degrade and break over time. If you can spot sewer line breaks & cracks in time – you can have them fixed & avoid various risks.

If not, you run the risk of exposing your home to toxic sewage water. Don’t worry – spotting cracks, breaks, and other serious damage on sewer line pipes aren’t too difficult.

Here’s how you can tell if your sewer line is broken –

Water Backing Up

A sewage backup is the most obvious sign of sewer line breakage.

When water starts backing up in different areas of your home, know that your sewer line is badly damaged.

For instance, water may back up in your kitchen sink every time you flush the toilet.

This is a clear sign that your sewer lines are broken or severely blocked & on the verge of breaking.

Foul Odors

The tight seals on your sewer lines prevent bad smells from waste items from getting out.

When these seals loosen or break, all the foul odors are released. Initially, these odors won’t bother you. But, long-term exposure to sewer line smells can cause serious health issues.

Lawn Damage

You might notice some patches on your lawn lthat ook a little too green.

You may think that this is a good sign but it isn’t. If only some areas of your lawn look lush compared to other sections, it’s a sign of sewer line breakage.

  • Leaky sewer lines essentially dump nutrient-rich water in some portions of your lawn. All these nutrients temporarily make patches of grass flourish.
  • But, this haphazard lawn grass growth is usually accompanied by soggy, stinky puddles. These puddles contain toxic wastewater. Having such toxic waters on your property is a huge health hazard.

Sewage-saturated lawns also have various sunken areas. You’ll notice that some sections of your lawn look somewhat indented. This is a clear sign of extensive sewer water damage.

Pest & Mold Infestation

Cracks or leaks in your sewer lines serve as open invitations for pests, rodents, and mold.

These organisms thrive in moist, bacteria-infected areas.

So, if you see excessive degrees of mold or pest infestation on your property, you probably have a broken sewer line. If you don’t spot these signs on time the broken sewer lines will ruin your property.

Your home’s foundation will crack and sink in the soggy sewage-saturated ground underneath it.

Never let sewage-related issues become so big. Contact professional water damage contractors and address these risks before they ruin your property.

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