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Water damage is inevitable when you live by the Gulf Coast. Up to 5 times a year, Houston residents experience water damage from a flood or, more commonly, property damage like a leaking roof or a burst pipe.

That’s why OnlyInHouston is dedicated to serving Houston, TX, and providing water damage restoration services.

The contractors we work with are fast and have experience dealing with all water damage, restoration, and emergency services.

Floods and a burst pipe can happen at any time of day, that’s why our contractors are available 24 hours 7 days a week to fix the source of the water damage and have experience dealing with restoration and mold remediation.

Our helpful staff is always happy to send one of our knowledgeable repairmen to get your home back to pre-loss condition and remove any trace of water damage using water restoration techniques.

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How We Can Help. Watch This First!

We work with the best mitigation contractors in Houston, TX when water damage overtakes your home.

Our dedicated staff hand picks the mitigation contractor that’s best suited for providing the water extraction for your property.

We make sure our third-party contractors share our values and follow our guidelines to provide great service when you need water mitigation services.

Our third-party mitigation team is equally important to the water restoration process.

Water extraction is always needed prior to restoration to clear out contaminated standing water or else we risk mold growth and further damage that comes in the form of a structural issue.

Overall, not taking care of water removal now will cause further property damage and stress for you later. Luckily, OnlyInHouston’s damage restoration can fix these water damage issues with ease.

Our Water Damage Cleanup & Remediation Steps

Within 24 to 48 hours, flood water can cause extensive water damage, so we took time to plan out the most efficient process for water removal and damage remediation services.

We understand that our loyal customers in Houston deserve the best and most timely water damage restoration services to alleviate the stress that comes with having a house that received some water damage.

Your Call Comes In…

As soon as we receive your call, our technicians are quickly notified and will arrive within 24 hours or less to prevent further damage from happening such as:

  • Toxic mold growth and bacteria formation
  • Irreversible structural damage
  • Pests infestation
  • And more…

Step 1: Inspection and Damage Assessment

Once our tech arrives, they start performing your water damage restoration service by following our company-approved repair model.

We’ve crafted this repair model to help keep our techs efficient, reliable, and fast for every emergency service request.

Keeping our repair model in mind, our techs will perform an inspection and damage assessment to determine the source of nonflood losses and the expected repair time needed to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

Step 2: Water Removal

When the inspection and damage assessment is completed, the next step we take is removing all the water from the affected areas.

This happens immediately after the inspection to avoid water-induced mold.

If mold remediation services are needed, we will add mold removal to our customizable action plan as a step to resolve the water damage and get your home good as new.

Step 3: Drying and Cleaning

The next step involves the drying process. This step consists of allowing you to take photos of salvageable items and others removed off-site that sustained water damage during the flood.

To assist, we bring in a company, of your choice, whose specialty is in fire damage restoration services local to Houston, TX.

We highly recommend adding a fire damage restoration company to the team to help with quick and efficient junk removal because the affected areas in your home could put your health at risk from:

  • Debris
  • Bacteria and fungi developing on items
  • Saturated drywall and insulation from potentially being wet for more than 48 hours
  • Indoor air quality

If you don’t have a fire damage restoration company in mind, our professional team is happy to assist in finding the best company to partner up with to get the job done.

Step 4: Damage Restoration

Once progress has been made on junk removal, we sanitize every item, recoverable or not, and rooms needing minor repairs to having significant damage.

Our trained professionals will fully take the lead to finish the job and provide an excellent customer experience.

We use the following techniques as part of our water damage restoration services in Houston:

  • Dehumidifiers
  • Installation of water-resistant flooring
  • Applying mold-resistant paint to the walls
  • Vacuuming any remaining water intrusion sightings
  • Mold remediation, if applicable

Ask our friendly staff about additional water damage restoration services our certified experts have to offer during our sanitizing and cleaning services and a more in-depth overview of our restoration process.

OnlyInHouston Also Offer

Storm Damage Restoration

Storm damage restoration isn’t just for flood damage, it can be any major weather event such as hail damage, and winter storm damage.

Our pro technicians will come out and do a damage assessment and inspection to see what the estimated cost is to get the restoration done. We work with you so you can get your home back into a safe condition.

Common damages caused by storm damage are:

  • Broken pipes
  • Standing water
  • Leaking water heater
  • Roof leaks
  • Sewer backup

OnlyInHouston can fix it all with our modern technology and advanced restoration damage techniques.

Mold Remediation Services

Determining whether you need mold removal or mold remediation comes down to the process and the type of mold you’re trying to eliminate from your home. Mold spores are generally not harmful and are airborne so when we breathe we could be inhaling them.

Mold spores become a problem when there is an overload of them in the air and could lead to health issues as a result.

Once mold becomes overwhelmingly toxic, it’s no longer a simple removal job, it calls for something more aggressive like mold remediation. That’s the biggest difference between removing mold and needing remediation services for it.

Plus the process for mold growth is vastly different depending on which service you need to get done.

Signs You Have A Toxic Mold Issue

It can be hard to tell if you have mold if the water damage isn’t as visible or if the water damage is engulfing the area that needs it.

Here are a few signs that you have toxic mold spores in your home:

  • Bad smells
  • Rusting and warped materials
  • Weakened immune systems
  • Leaks (e.g. roof leaks, faucet leaks, water heater leaks

When these signs start to appear in your home, make sure to call OnlyInHouston.

Why Choose OnlyInHouston Same-Day Water Damage Restoration Services?

When you’re looking for a water damage restoration company, choose one that has knowledgeable and honest technicians, and provides prompt and high-quality restoration services for both water damage, mold, etc.

OnlyInHouston is a locally owned restoration company and is proud to serve its community here in Houston, TX.

Our goal at OnlyInHouston is always to prevent further damage from floods and other water damage from happening and provide excellent customer service 24/7.

Our satisfied customers are what keep us motivated to continue to serve Houston, TX, and its surrounding area with water damage restoration and cleaning services.

Whether we’re providing water extraction, damage restoration, explaining the process to property owners any other services in Houston, TX, we’ve got you covered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do ASAP when my home gets water damage?

Call OnlyInHouston ASAP when your home experiences water damage and you want a robust and locally owned water damage restoration company serving Houston, TX that will do an amazing job.

Will the contractors you work with accept my homeowner insurance company?

Most insurance companies accept us as a reliable water restoration service. We bill the insurance company directly before you receive the final invoice for the water damage restoration services and emergency services here in Houston, TX.

Do your contractors provide water, mold, and fire restoration?

OnlyInHouston work with damage restoration and improvement contractors that can do a variety of minor repairs to handle significant damage that requires an effective and efficient restoration process.

Will the contractors complete services for my commercial property for water damage, fire damage, and/or grout cleaning?

At this time, our contractors focus only on home restoration and improvement services in Houston and nearby environs. They don’t specialize in smoke damage or grout cleaning but would partner with a company that does. For now, commercial property restoration is not a service we provide yet.

Do you offer a free estimate?

Yes, OnlyInHouston provides customers with a free estimate.

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