What Are the Signs of Water Damage?

Visible wet spots.

Cracking wall paint.

Musty scents in different corners of the house.

Severe water damage inside a home usually manifests in the form of these seemingly minor symptoms.

Unfortunately, when left unaddressed, these symptoms lead to extensive damage.

The Importance of Spotting Signs of Water Damage

The adverse health effects of living in water-damaged buildings are well-documented.

  • People living in water-damaged buildings experience all types of health issues, from asthma to respiratory tract issues to allergic reactions.
  • For children and senior citizens, the health effects are far worse. They’re likelier to develop cystic fibrosis, immunosuppression, and other complicated health conditions if they continue to live in water-damaged buildings.
  • Not addressing the main reason (i.e., water damage) behind these issues means that these health conditions will worsen with time.

That’s why all homeowners must learn about the early signs of water damage. Apart from wet spots & musty scents, there are several other tell-tale signs of water damage that homeowners mustn’t ignore.

Here’s how homeowners can discover these signs of water damage and locate their causes –

1) Foundation Damage

Ever noticed tiny cracks in your home’s exterior walls?

These cracks usually appear from buildups of moisture. While most building materials are durable (cement, wood, etc.) and porous. Over the years, small moisture particles fill up their pores.

Since this type of water damage happens slowly, it’s hard to spot it or take it seriously. Homeowners must not oversee these damage signs.

They must also be constantly on the lookout for the following signs of foundation damage –

  • Wet crawl spaces
  • Creaky floors
  • Leaning chimneys
  • Bowing walls
  • Sloping floors
  • Ceiling cracks
  • Sinking concrete
  • Drywall cracks

Foundation-related issues are usually the results of poor drainage in & around the property. So, asking professional plumbers or damage restoration experts to check out these issues is necessary.

2) Misaligned Doors & Windows

Wooden doors and windows often warp due to moisture exposure. External elements like rain or atmospheric moisture cause these items to swell and lose their shape.

3) Buckling Floors

Imagine walking barefoot on your living room floor and feeling a sense of dampness and weakness. If you’ve ever had such experiences, then your home is water-damaged.

  • Hardwood floors don’t just lose their colors, smell bad, or become weak – they also warp/buckle due to extensive water damage.
  • Vinyl flooring, in particular, buckles severely when water is exposed for long periods.
  • The drywall starts flaking, and their tape joints start bubbling.

All of these are very pressing signs of water damage that must not be ignored.

4) Mold Infestation

Since mold is quite ubiquitous, most homeowners don’t panic when they see minor signs of mold infestation in their homes.

They should.

Elevated levels of mold can cause a toxic indoor environment. Living in such an environment is guaranteed to make you fall sick.

Before that happens, establish a clear mold-detection plan.

Dip swabs in bleach and water mixtures and dab them on the walls or floors that you suspect are mold-infested.

If the spot lightens up instantly – assume that your walls/floors are infested by mold.

Always watch out for these serious signs of water damage on your property.

The sooner you spot them, the less threat they can pose to your property and your health. Team up with restoration experts specializing in water damage in Katy, Texas.

These experts can ensure that these signs of water damage don’t become too serious.

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